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The Ubuntu Pledge

I believe in the inherent value, goodness and equality of every human being.
I believe our diversity is a gift.
I believe that our humanity is inextricably bound together,
that we are connected, all of us.
And so, I believe that if any of us are hurting, we all are hurting.
If any are humiliated, or diminished, tortured or oppressed,
or treated as if they are less than who they are,
we all are diminished and hurt.
And so,
I denounce racism and prejudice, in all of its ugly forms.
I denounce racial profiling and disparate treatment based on race.
I denounce the division and demonization that is so present in our world today.
From this day forward, I pledge to strive
To eliminate racial bias from my thoughts and actions,
To treat ALL people with dignity and respect,
to always respond with kindness and compassion to those who are hurting,
And to always speak out against injustice, racism and prejudice.
But knowing that what is needed to truly stop injustice and prejudice,
is for all to come to embrace our interconnectedness,
I pledge to strive
to stop allowing myself to see others, even those with whom I disagree, as the enemy,
to work to bridge things that divide us,
to call for dialogue,
to truly listen.
I will strive to daily honor this pledge and encourage others to do the same,
knowing that this is essential to healing our world.

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