Dream Path Program

We journey with East St. Louis families and children, empowering them to fulfill their dreams of graduating from college and escaping poverty. The Dream Path includes:

Family Mentoring

Walking with parents, supporting their efforts to achieve their own educational and career goals, focusing on relationships with parents as foundational to truly helping their children achieve their full potential.  We currently have 33 families in our Dream Path Family Program with approximately 125 children.

Teen Mentoring

Journeying with teenagers from our Family Mentoring families, teens who have aged out of our Girls and Boys Clubs, and teen workers from Griffin Center After School Program in the local housing projects, helping them navigate the many, many barriers that exist to academic success for children growing up intergenerational poverty. We provide programming, individual mentoring and group activities to approximately 45 teenagers, providing a pathway to and through college graduation. We currently have 20 young people in college!

Focusing on youth empowerment and leadership our Peace Warrior Program draws from teens in the Dream Path and supports the teens as they not only teach Kingian nonviolence but also use what they have learned from Dr. King to advocate for real change in their community.

Education Focus

Providing education advocacy services for all children and teens in the Dream Path and when possible scholarships to attend private school through our Alternative Education Program. We currently have 19 children in private education at schools including Sr. Thea Bowman Catholic School in East St. Louis, Althoff High School in Belleville, and Nerinx High School in Webster Groves, MO.