Board of Directors & Staff


Sheila Burton, Executive Director (GC, TM, FM, AE, BD)

Capacity Building. About the same time Join Hands obtained the Ubuntu Center, the Board of Directors recognized the need to increase staff capacity to support the increasing number of families and children being served and the number of volunteers who needed to be coordinated and managed. Long time Executive Director of Join Hands, Sheila Burton, was able to become the full time Executive Director (after leaving her other employment), and funds were raised to add a Director of Development. The new development position is critical to Join Hands’ ability to secure the funding needed to expand programs and address staffing needs.

In 2017, the education advocate’s hours were expanded to 25 per week, and another part-time position was added to help coordinate Ubuntu Center and childrens’ programs. However, the Executive Director salary is well below comparable not for profits, and both part-time positions are underpaid and should be full-time. Additional staff positions are needed to meet the needs of current programs and families served and to expand the programs and add more families and children to the Dream Path.


(1990 – today)

Mike Burton, President (BC, BB, TM, BD)

Aaron, Redgie (BC)
Acoff, Brenda (GC)
Adcock, Dan (BC)
Adcock, Tim (BC)
Albus, Tom (TM)
Alverson, Susan (GC, BD)
Amice, Anne (FR)
Arnold, Kathy (GC, FR)
Bante, Joe (BC, A, BD)*
Barth, Sean (BC)
Bartholomew, Claudia (FR)
Bartholomew, Joe (BC)
Baughman, David (A)
Baughman, Laurie (FR)
Bayers, Julie (GC)
Becker, Tiffany (TM)
Beimdiek, Bevy (GC, BD)*
Bellon, Doug (BC)
Belz, Lisa (GC)
Bert, Mike (BC)
Bieri, Joie (GC)
Bodewes, Chris (FM)
Boenhe, Portia (GC)
Bouchein, Bart (BC)
Bower, Eric (A)
Brennan, Mike (TM)
Brooking, Jean (XM)
Broun, Mary Geraty (FR)
Brown, Brian (BC)
Bruns, Dave (BC)*
Buehler, Ross (BC, A, BD)*
Bufe, Frank (BC, A)
Burlin, Johannes (BC)
Burns, Terry (TR, BD)
Butler, Anne Marie (GC)
Butler, Justin (BC)
Campbell, Stacy (GC)
Capasso, Liz (FM)
Capriglione, Dennis (BC)
Carnahan, Tom (BC)
Champion, Debbie (GC, FR)
Chandler, Ray (BC)
Cole, Abby (FR)
Cole, Tim (TM)
Collins, Noelle (TM)
Cook, Bruce Jr. (BC)
Corley, Tiffany (GC)
Corwin, Sharon (FM)
Costello, Jacob (BC)
Cotton, Teri (GC)
Cronin, Dan (BC)
Crues, Bernice (GC)
Danforth, D.D. (GC)
Dauber, Ellen (GC, TM, BD)**
Dauber, Shannon (GC)
Davis, Jack (BB, TM)
Davis, Kathleen (FR, GC)
Davis, Ronald (BC)
Delworth, Jim (BC)
Determan, TJ (BC)
Determan, Catherine (GC)
Dickherber, Alice (TM)
Dickherber, Ryan (TM)
Drier, Chris (BC)
Dunn, Jimmy (BC)
Dunsmoor, Brian (BC)
Dunsmoor, Shelly (GC)
Eilerts, Mat (BC)
Farrell, Pat (TM)
Falkowski, Mark (A)
Feldhaus, Jennifer (TM)
Fernandez, Gonz (BC)
Flanagan-Dean, Mary (GC)
Foster, Dramon (A, BC)
Forthaus, Chuck (TM)
Forthaus, Debbie (FR)
Franks, Anthony (BC, BD)*
Fried, Marc (TM)
Gaertner, Gary Jr. (BC)
Gaff, Clarissa (GC)
Gamble, Andre (BC)
Gau-Moore, Suzanne (GC)
Gauch, Jeff (BC)

Gilsinan, Chris (ADMIN)
Goldsmith, Hal (TM)
Goldsmith, Marcia (GC)
Goldstein, Brent (BC)
Goldstein, Will (BC)*
Goodman, Ilene (FM)
Gore, Gabe (BC)
Greaves, John (TM)
Guignon, Amy (FR)
Haber, Anna (TM)
Hadley, Joy (GC)
Hamilton, Bob (TM)
Harper, Richard (BC)*
Hearsh, Randy (BC)
Heckman, Barbara (GC)
Hermeling, Carrie (GC)
Hinton, Alex (A)
Hinton, Tom (BC, A, BD)**
Hofmann, Ann (GC)
Hogan, Linda (GC)
Holmes, Rodney (BC)
Hudson, Stephanie (GC, TM)
Huiskamp, Sr. Julia (BD)
Jones, Felicia (GC)
Kaiser, Joe (BC)
Kamps, Kristy (FM)
Karsh, Eli (BC)
Keefe, Andrew (A)
Kerico, Juliet (GC)
Kistner, Elkin (BC)
Knapp, Pat (BC)
Knepper, Matthew (A)
Knepper, Mike (A)
Knoblock, Debby (GC)
Krause, Kevin (BC)
Krauss, Jessica (GC)
Lane, Lesley (GC, AE, FR)
Lassiter, Clare (GC)
LaVigne, Jane (FR)
Lawhorn, Chris (BD, FCCCo)
Laws, Holly (M)
Laws, Mitzi (M)
Leonard, Nancy (GC)
Lindmark, Marvin (BC, BD)
Lindmark, Mary (GC)
Lisch, Kathy (GC)
Lisch, Rusty (BC, A)
Littleton, Levell (BC)
Loida, Katie (GC)
Luhmann, Heather (GC)
Luther, Mindy (GC)
Lynch, Jane (FR)
Lynch, Vicky (FR)
Lynn, Ann (GC, TR, BD)
Malloy, Andy (BC)
Markowitz, Linda (GC)
Matchefts, Jim (BC)
Matthews, Brendan (BC)
McKee, Carolyn (FR, AE)
McKenzie, Vanessa (GC)
McMahon, Maribeth (GC)
McMiller, Debbie (GC)
McShane, Maura (GC)
Meredith, Ron (BC)
Merriman, Tom (TM)
Meyers, Ernie (A)
Miller, Sr. Helen (BD)
Moeller, Stephanie (GC)
Mohl, Mary (FM, AE)
Mohr, Meg (FM)
Monafo, Jim (BC)
Moore, Betty (FR)
Moore, Ginny (FM)
Moore, Nichelle (GC)
Morris, Dave (A)
Morris, Lynn (FR)
Murch, Cathy (FM)
Mullin, Patrick (A)
Mullendore, Randy (BC)
Neimeyer, Steve (BC)
Nester, Dan (A)
O’Brien, Bill (AE)
O’Keefe, Alice (GC)

O’Keefe, Kathleen (GC)
O’Malley, Jorie (FM, FR, AE)
O’Malley, Steve (TM)
Ott, Mary (TM)
Overom, Ryanne (GC, BD)
Parisi, Tracy (GC)
Patton, S. Lee (BC)*
Phillips, Dan (BC, FCCo)
Porterfield-McBride, S. (FM)
Postawko, Ed (TM)
Quinn, Dion (A)
Ramatowski, Chris (GC, FR)
Rattner, Andrea (GC)
Redmond, Liz (FR)
Rogers, Brian (BC)
Rogers, John (BC)
Ross, Calvin (BC)
Rucker, Adam (A)
Russo, Karen (FM)
Ryan, Katy (GC)
Ryan, Molly (GC)
Sanger, Bryan (BC)
Sarai, Teresa (FM)
Sauer, John (BC)
Schickler, Jessica (TM)
Schickler, Mike (BC, TM)
Schiller, Bill (TM)
Schlosser, Brendan (BC)
Schmid, Grace (FR)
Schmid, Mike (TM)
Schmid, Steve (FR)
Schneider, Joe (TM)
Schneider, Karen (TM)
Schoemehl, Brian (TM)
Schwomeyer, Pat (BC)
Scott, Ed (TM)
Scott, Emily (GC, FR)
Scott, Ken (BC)
Scott, Susan (TM)
Shabecoff, Alexa (GC)
Shelledy, Ben (BC)
Sheridan, Joanie (FM)
Simone, Sue (GC, BD)*
Simmons, Bo (A)
Simeri, Jim (BC)
Smith, Jackie (GC)
Smith, Neil (BC)
Smith, Van (BC)
Sonderman, Daniel (A)
Sonneman, Diane (FM, TM)
Stacy, Erica (GC)
Stark, Greg (TR, BD)
Steib, Chuck (TM)
Stokes, Brian (BC)
Sullentrup, Glenda (TM)
Sulser, Adrian (BC)
Sulser, Ruth (FM)
Sweeney, Roxanne (GC)
Thompson, Diane (GC)*
Tlapek, Tom (A, BC)
Trautman, Tom (TM)
Tripp, Don (TM)
Tueth, Tom (TM)
VeNard, Dan (A, BC)
Vicente, Sean (BC)
Walker, Victoria (FR)
Walsh, Mary (GC)

Wasiuk, Virginia (GC)
Weaver, Bryan (A, BC)
Wedlock, Dave (TM)
Weiss, Claire (GC)
Wescoat, Heather (GC)
Wigginton, Steve (BC)
Wilkins, Kevin (A)
Williams, Damon (BC)
Winston, Kyle (BC)
Wirth, David (TM)
Witcik, Andrea (GC)
Wright, Clinton (BC, FR)
Yang, Beverly (GC)
Yeh, May (FR)
Zazove, Linda (GC)
Zimmerman, Mary Ann (FM)

GC = Girls Club
A = Athletics
FR = Fund-Raising
BC = Boys Club
AE = Alt. Ed. Program
TR = Treasurer
FM = Family Mentoring
XM = Xmas Gift Coord’r
BD = Board of Directors
TM = Teen Mentoring
M = Mentoring
FCCo = Board Finance Committee Co-chair

* = 10 years (or more) as volunteer
** = 20 years

(Our apologies to any volunteers whom we have neglected to mention. Please bring this huge error to our attention…)