Teen Mentoring

TeenMentoring3Join Hands partners with Griffin Center in East St. Louis to provide mentors to its teen workers in its “Welfare to Work” program.

In 2006, we also started our Teen Mentoring Program to help teenagers attain their education and career goals. The program serves teenagers whose families are in the Family Mentoring Program, as well as teens who have aged out of Girls Club and Boys Club. We also partner with Griffin Center, an after school program in East St. Louis, to provide mentoring for their teen workers, usually about 15 – 20 teens a year. The Teen program currently serves 50 teenagers with 35 volunteer mentors.

Working with youth ages 14 to 18 from families of intergenerational poverty, the program focuses on increased academic achievement, attainment of high school diplomas, increased employment skills and attainment of employment.

Join Hands ESL provides the adult mentoring component of the Welfare to Work Program. Each youth participant is assigned a mentor for the program year. Mentors and mentees meet monthly at different colleges, trade schools and military bases in the metropolitan area, exposing the teens to new possibilities, providing them with hope for a better future. Teens are not only taught how to build resumes and interviewing skills, but to dream big and aim high.